Consumers are Stakeholders in Advertisers’ Environmentally Responsible Choices

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Experts assess how advertising is impacting the environment

Today the internet as a whole emits about as much CO2 as the aviation industry. The mere posting of trillions of ads that never get looked at across the internet is also a contributor.

Print is the lowest industrial emitter. The process of creating pulp, paper and printed materials contributes only 1% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Why advertisers need to use their influence to save our planet

87% of consumers agree that the main reasons companies want to shift to electronic delivery is to save money, not to be environmentally responsible.

Paper used for magazines is 100% certified paper meaning the forest the paper originates from has a 3rd party certification (PEFT, SFI, FSC) or the loggers have been trained in 3rd party certification best practices.

Print magazine media and their paper industry partners uphold responsible environmental practices

Digital advertising results in a 28% uptick in the carbon footprint of the average consumer. A typical online ad emits 5.4 tonnes of CO2, half what a UK consumer produces in a year. And that’s just the ads we actually see!

Advertisers can benefit from print magazines’ efficiency, reaching 221 million consumers and outperforming other media by 30% to drive product purchase. This in combination with print’s low rate of GHG emissions, results in an effective media choice with a lower net impact on the environment.

Much of the paper in printing today comes from recycled sources with over 47 million tons of paper recovered by recycling in the last year.

The paper industry plants three times more trees than it cuts down which increases woodland habitats across the globe.

An investment in print magazine media offers effective and industry-leading responsible environmental choices for advertisers.

Source: Politico, March 2, 2022; World Resources Institute, 2013 (Saxoprint); Exchangewire; Dotdash Meredith Production Team; According to the American Forest and Paper Association, 47 million tons of paper recovered by recycling in 2020.

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