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Magazine subscriptions are up 33% YOY, as millions of readers invite magazines into their homes, offering a place in a space where they want to be. Meredith & Hearst Internal Direct Mail Orders FY21
91% of American’s read magazines, connecting across generations of loyal readers! MPA Factbook, 2020
Consumer-facing companies lead the shift, predicting an 11.7% increase in traditional advertising spend over the next 12 months! Harvard Business Review, 2022

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Delivering a 100% consumer centric story in the world’s most trusted medium, magazine media delivers mass reach to millions of consumers who are inviting magazines into their home, offering a place in a space where they want to be.

Through an enhanced visual experience, magazines deliver the highest return per advertising dollar spent vs other media. We provide end-to-end measured results for proven impact and performance. Guaranteed.

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Page Four Media delivers proprietary cost-saving rates with guaranteed positioning in national magazines. We work closely with clients to create custom campaigns, effectively and efficiently reaching their target audience.

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