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Context Is Key

Print magazines deliver a unique and powerful combination, aligning content and context to advertising messaging, resulting in high-impact moments for consumers.

Impressions At Scale

With an audience of 2 billion, magazine media delivers authority and trusted content that reaches consumers across generations.

Culture Matters

Brands can own their cultural voice with the right media partner that supports their cultural relevance. Print media offers a unique combination that is 100% consumer-centric and tells a cumulative story. Resulting in proven, consumer-facing engagement.

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The ability to effectively and efficiently reach a target audience
Native engagement through direct alignment with relevant content that draws the consumer into the purchase funnel
Proven lift in advertising performance in magazines that overindex (125+) against a target audience and are adjacent to contextually relevant content

+14% lift in ad recall
+7% lift in purchase consideration
+11% lift in product purchase

Measurable results for your campaign