Top Print Advertising Statistics and Effectiveness


Since the internet is literally changing the way we interact, discover and communicate with businesses and organizations, it has given the impression that traditional formats such as newspapers and magazines have become obsolete and irrelevant from a marketing point of view.

Needless to say that more and more people are turning to digital formats however traditional advertising formats such as magazine, billboards and direct mail are still relevant and effective when it comes to marketing and brand promotion.

Traditional channels are perceived by consumers as more trustworthy as opposed to online media. And on many occasions, they deliver the highest return on investment.

These so-called traditional formats are still important to build a successful advertising campaign and they should be used in combination with other digital resources to maximize their impact on consumers.

Most relevant print advertising statistics

  1. Newspapers and magazines have 63% of popularity among consumers while the Internet has just 25%
  2. 61% of readers trust newspapers ads as opposed to 42% who give credibility to online ones
  3. By combining print and digital ads, it will make online campaigns 400 % more effective
  4. In general, 80% of traditional mail is opened while 80% of emails is disregarded (just 20% is read)
  5. The average response rate for printed mail is 4.4% as opposed to 0.12% for emails
  6. 95 per cent of people under 25 read magazines
  7. Consumers who receive print mail promoting online sites spend 13% more than those who just receive digital info
  8. 46% per cent of readers uses print and digital formats
  9. 70% of American prefer to read printed mail
  10. People are 70% more likely to remember businesses seen in print compared to online

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